Come to the table virtual summit, April 21st, 2022

Come to the Table: Connecting Food, Farms, and Health

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Purpose: Interest in and support of the community, local, and regional food systems increased significantly over the past two decades. However, the present public health crisis continues to be disruptive and has repercussions for Virginia communities and the food value chain. Farmers, ranchers, food and agricultural businesses, and communities continue to adapt and pivot. The Come to the Table summits and district-level meetings will encourage meaningful discussion and collaborative action to make the connection between food, farming, and health stronger and more resilient to enhance responsiveness and achieve long-term values-based impacts.

Guiding Questions: Why does this connection matter? What does the connection currently look like in your community and service area? What aspects of the food system are you trying to address and impact every day? What could true values-based impacts from a strong connection with food, farming, and health look like in your community? How can VCE programming be better aligned and connected to be more responsive?

Participants: A cross-section of Extension personnel and representatives of collaborating organizations who are working towards values-based impacts to strengthen farm and food connections, nourish individuals and families, empower communities, revitalize local economies, and protect natural resources across Virginia and beyond.

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